Our range of partitions is determined by your wishes. The goal of our business is to understand your need by producing the product needed for your project, at an affordable price, within the set deadlines.


Our main product is various types of partitions, both in public and private projects;

  • WC Partitions
  • Urinal partitions
  • Shower partitions
  • Changing rooms in clothing stores
  • Partitions in offices
  • Decorative partitions


We have our own installation teams that are perfectly trained and equipped with modern equipment.
Our experienced installation masters will recommend the most ergonomic and efficient solution for you, making it easier to choose the right solution for you. We offer object surveying and estimation.

About Us

We are energetic partition manufacturers with a high sense of responsibility. We are not afraid of challenges and constantly changing circumstances. We engage in projects of any complexity and compete with the most experienced market players, both in terms of prices and terms. Following market and construction trends, we are constantly trying to expand our portfolio with new products, as well as improve existing partition systems. The partitions we offer can be used for a variety of activities, from educational institutions, sports facilities, factories, hospitals, offices, banks, railway stations, hotels, campsites, gas stations, airports, military facilities, restaurants, barracks and even ships and many other objects.

We offer:

  • HPL partitions
  • Laminated Chipboard partitions
  • CDF partitions
  • shower partitions
  • toilet cubicles
  • shower enclosures
  • toilet partitions
  • moisture resistant partitions
  • Organic glass partitions
  • Polycarbonate partitions
  • partitions
  • partitions for offices
  • urinal partitions
  • changing rooms
  • modular wardrobes (swimming pool lockers, workroom lockers)
  • school lockers,
  • benches, wardrobe bench, seats,
  • moisture-resistant HPL doors,
  • fittings



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